We are currently focused on three initiatives and need your help and support.  Our three focus area are:
I.     Renew our campus facilities:  Under the leadership of Ms. Brenda Budd our catholic school has become affiliated the Notre Dame Ace Academy.  Our School's mission is simple "College and Heaven" and our students are thriving.  Our school facilities were constructed in 1895 and are due for much needed updates and aggressive maintenance. Our school has served thousands of children in the West Tampa Community over the years and the revitalization of our school's facilities will allow us to serve thousands more. Our Church  was constructed in 1964 and our Rectory was constructed in 1955.  Over the years Saint Joseph Church has been recognized as one of the community's treasures. Ongoing maintenance to all of the facilities is needed and Friends of Saint Joseph will assist the church and school in renewing these facilities to serve generations to come.

II.    Support Casa San Jose:  Our church Rectory has been transformed into Casa San Jose.  By welcoming visiting priests to Casa San Jose our Pastor can be ensured of fellowship with colleagues and we can help visiting priests by offering them a warm and welcoming home on their journey.  Casa San Jose serves as a transitional living structure for foreign priests that have been reassigned to the Diocese of St. Petersburg.  Here they can become enculturated in the American and Floridian cultures, and learn to speak, read, and write the English language, by working with volunteers intensively in our state of the art language lab.  Casa San Jose also serves as a place for priests recovering from a tragic event or accident to rest and recover in a safe, welcoming, and spiritual environment.  

III.   Create and sustain a youth ministry: Perhaps the most exciting initiative of all our youth ministry can help transform generations.  It is our vision to provide the financial leadership needed to transform St. Joseph's entire campus into a place where the youth of West Tampa as well as our students, can learn and spend out of school time in a structured environment, with adult supervision, theological lessons, group activities, sports leagues, and clinical services available as needed.  We hope to inspire generations of children to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically through our youth ministry initiative.  
Please join us as we tackle these exciting challenges!